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Evaluation of M & I Water Conservation Measures through Actual Water Savings and Cost/Benefit Analysis. This is Water CASA’s newest research initiative, analyses of water savings and Cost Benefit Analyses of water conservation programs from throughout the West. This study is a response to the need for a comprehensive and comparative evaluation of actual water savings from water conservation programs in the municipal sector. It will ascertain actual water savings, costs, and benefits related to each program’s implementation.

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Wastewater treatment and reuse is one of the best water conservation options available to communities located in arid areas.But the potential for wastewater reuse is not limited to large-scale projects supplied by community wastewater treatment facilities. It is also available to individual homeowners. Graywater recycling offers a way in which people can save and reuse the wastewater generated in their own home.



Through the generosity of the US Bureau of Reclamation, the Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona (Water CASA) is implementing the first of three phases of a dual metering project to measure indoor and outdoor water use separately in single family residences. Water CASA’s Flowing Wells Irrigation District will provide, over the course of 20 years, information about actual water use by season and through time as landscapes and families mature. The goal of the project is to enable Water CASA to develop water conservation programs that produce the greatest water savings with the most efficient use of scarce human and fiscal resources.